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Nakuru, Kenya

"In the summer of 1961 my father left Kenya to go to England to prepare for us to arrive in England in the spring of 1962. I guess knowing that he was about to leave motivated me to take pictures of everything that I held dear. A few months before my father left we had moved into this house which was also occupied by a woman name Martha Ratslaugh. She was an American missionary to the Hindu Indians living in Kenya. She was from Arkansas. I had great difficulty understanding anything that she said. The community was called Ibrahiam Rament-Allah Estate. The community had been built by a Moslem, but with the exception of us and a black family, the residents were all Hindus. The houses were all had two stories and flat roofed with an outside staircase leading to the roof. Each of the two floors was for a different family and we lived with Martha on the ground floor.

"In this roll of film I took pictures of my father, mother and two brothers together in front of the car, and then pictures of each of them individually. The car was a 1957 Morris Cowley (license plate number KCK-968)."