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Timothy Weaver, in front of his father’s Chevy.

"This picture was taken on the Uganda and Belgian Congo border. It was the last time I ever saw him, and after taking this picture I gave him my camera [one of the two Brownies he owned].

"His parents (Eddie and Marie Weaver) were missionaries to the pygmies of Congo. His father was about 4’10" and had been a PhysEd teacher after leaving the army. But in the early 1950’s they moved to Belgian Congo to be missionaries. He was a Baptist, his wife was a Pentecostal (a rare combination in those days) and they were from somewhere in Pennsylvania. During the first 'uprising' (today we will call it a terrorist war – but in those days we called those things 'uprisings') in Congo (which I think was in 1959) they had to flee Congo, but their car broke down and somehow my father got a message about them. So he borrowed a Land Rover from a retired British Army Major named Deugeon (spelling I am not sure of) and off my father went across Kenya and Uganda to find these missionaries that we knew nothing about but knew they were in trouble. He found them and towed them back to our home. After the uprising cooled down they went back to Congo. About a year later the next uprising broke out and they fled again. Their pick-up truck overturned and their little girl was killed. Again dad went to the rescue (this must have been 1960). Again things quieted down and so they returned to Congo.

"This picture was taken at that time. I never saw Timothy again. There was another uprising and again they fled, this time settling in Nairobi, Kenya, where they remained for probably the next twenty years."