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Philip's Uncle Vaughan and great-aunt Jessica.

"Jessica Kagiga Prince (whom I always called Joska), the boy is my brother Vaughan. The picture is taken on Weston Road in Weston, Ontario, Canada, the cross street behind them is Little Road. We are in front of an art supply shop that had a big sign that said LePaige (I am not sure of that spelling), but LePaige was a glue manufacturer. We lived above the store. The third floor of the building was burned out, and we got a good deal on the rent because of the burned out upper story and the fact that the building was scheduled to be demolished, we were poor. The address was 1987 Weston Road. We lived there from the spring of 1963 to the summer of 1964. Joska and Vaughan are only four months apart in age (June 1958 and October 1958) so Joska is just about to turn five years old."