Life in Florida

I moved to the Gulf Coast of Florida in November 2001. I lived on the panhandle, so far west I was in the Central time zone. Destin is a resort town, but this part of Florida has more in common with Alabama than Miami - it's been dubbed the Redneck Riveira. But the people were nice and beaches were unbelievable. I loved living here, but it just wasn't home. Now I'm back in California and renting out my Destin house.

My House

Tour my house...

Ono - cute, but stupid

At the beach The Gulf Coast

White sand and
green waters

At the pier

Florida Discoveries

Mullet festival

The Birds gather...
and attack!

Shag, baby, yeah!

Say it with metal

Bears in Florida? We live less than 15 miles away from free-roaming bears.

Where I used to live The Fountainhead Condos

The mini-beach on the sound.

View out of the sliding door, to the left...

...and to the right.

View from my home office

But it's all a matter of perspective.

The little patio, perfect for breakfast.


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