The Grand Vitara

At Sugarhill Park'n'Ride

Janet and Chris shuttlin'

View at Motel 6 Provo

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Railroad station at the plaza

Hearthstone Bakery & Cafe

Inside our favorite eatery

Olympic Collage

What an experience! We all met up at the airport, picked up the Grand Vitara and went straight to Olympic Plaza. Everything was very organized, and we took advantage of the Park and Ride lots (like Sugarhill) and the team of shuttle buses from around the country. In addition to familiar VTA and Muni buses, we rode buses from Seattle, Denver, Maryland, Atlanta, Harlem, Rocky Mountain National Park and Cleveland (which said "Cleveland Rocks" in the info window). The Plaza had quite a few sponsored attractions, and the most popular was Coca-Cola's tent. People stood in line for over 2 hours for the chance to hurl a curling stone, push a bobsled, or take a curve in a mini luge track.
The very Mormon Provo wasn't the most exciting city to stay in, but the location was ideal for the mountain venues. We avoided the traffic crunch from Salt Lake City and the surrounding mountains were breathtaking. We found a great cafe, the Hearthstone Bakery, and we made sure to fit it into our schedule the next morning for breakfast.