Kigongoni Lodge
Kikoti Camp
Gibb's Farm
Ngorongoro Serena Lodge
Serengeti Serena Lodge
Rongai Classic Camp

Mt. Meru Hotel

Kigongoni Lodge, Arusha

My Cabin

Inside my room

My balcony

Balcony view of
Mt. Kilimanjaro

Balcony view of
Mt. Kilimanjaro

Kikoti Camp, Tarangire National Park

My "tent"

Inside my tent

6 ft. termite mound
outside my tent
Maasai dinner served around the fire, with Maasai dancers

Gibb's Farm, Ngorongoro Conservation Area

My room

Outside my door

Organic garden - grows
all the produce we ate

Elephant tracks in
the lettuce patch
Buildings from the
former coffee plantation

Ngorongoro Serena Lodge

View from my balcony
In the bar

Serengeti Serena Lodge

My cabin

Sunset from
my balcony

Singing in the bar

Lounge lizard

Rongai Classic Camp, Serengeti National Park

Hot water for the shower

Giraffes outside
the dining tent

Giraffes in the distance

Camp kitchen

Bread oven

Dining by lamplight

Awesome camp staff

Mt. Meru Hotel, Arusha
(day room)